14 de setembro de 2010

Publicidade a Vinhos Portugueses

           Armazéns de Vinhos Borges & Irmão                       Vinhos Portugueses, no Rio de Janeiro


       Real Companhia Vinícola do Norte                         Adriano Ramos Pinto (ver post  de 9/07/2010 )


           Vinho para Missas …. aprovado                                      Real Vinícola em 1944


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starmoongirl disse...

WOWOWOW!!!! What a fantastic website! Congratulations and many thanks for such winderful information and images. This is truly a treasure.
Portugal is PARADISE, maybe not materially but culturally and also in what the land and landscapes have to offer. I love Portugal!!!
Amelia Hoogkamer

José Leite disse...

Thank's for your kind coment

Best regards

José Leite